Nowadays, professionally produced videos can be among the most important and effective ways of advocating the message of Islam. Numbers of viewers have dramatically increased and the importance of video has been enhanced by a huge increase in satellite television and electronic media that transmit visual material of all sorts twenty four hours a day.

For example, on the internet the video channel YouTube receives more than one billion visitors every month who watch more than six billion hours of video material, roughly one hour per living person on earth. YouTube is translated into sixty-one languages serving 156 countries.

Yet when we look at the efforts made by the advocates of Islam in this area, in respect of quality and quantity, and compare these with the outputs of the followers of other religions and creeds, we realize that there is great deal more that needs to be done. This is not to take anything away from the efforts being made at present and we pray that those who make them will have continued and greater success.

It is important for advocates of the Islamic message to make use of the opportunities available and to redress the shortcomings in producing visual and video advocacy material. Hence, this blessed endeavour.

In preparing the document that defined the “road map” towards producing informative and attractive material, the Centre ensured that advocacy material will meet the needs of the three groups served by the Centre, namely :

  • muslims
  • new muslims
  • non-muslims
  • Advocacy centres, charities, Islamic centres and websites.
  • Satellite channels generally and non-Arabic speaking Islamic satellite channels in particular.
  • Advocates of Islam, students of Islamic studies and those who are committed to propagating Islam.
  • New Muslims who need to learn more about Islamic rules, teachings and general aspects, and Muslims who need to learn more about their faith and how to answer misunderstandings about it.
  • Non-Muslims and searchers for the truth who are eager to learn about Islam.

The first priority of this project is to English and then to translate the texts of videos giving them voiceovers in various languages.

The first stage of the project includes eighteen languages:

  • Tamil
  • Bengali
  • English
  • Sinhalese
  • Thai
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Amharic
  • Turkish
  • Nepalese
  • Tageric
  • Tagalog
  • Urdu
  • Malibari
  • Indonesian
  • The production of 100 short, medium-length and long videos in different languages advocating the Islamic message, ensuring that they are of a high professional standard.
  • The production of advocacy serials, with each episode discussing an important theme from a list of widely needed issues.
  • A project to produce short video clips to be used between programmes on Islamic television channels.
  • The production of serious animated films for Muslims and new Muslims.
  • Develop, revise and amend the document setting out the requirements of the Unit so that it can be used in future projects as best suited to the needs of the different cultures of the target groups.
  • Production of a advocacy videos, to high professional standards and with accurate information, aimed at the target groups. Such videos should cover the areas addressed by the Osoul International Centre, which represent the fundamentals of Islam and the major issues needed by the advocates of Islam, in order to present the religion to people and show it in its true colours.
  • Supplying videos to users and making them available through websites and satellite channels.
  • To complement the projects of the Advocacy Books Unit with products from The Advocacy Video Unitso the contents of a video will be outlined in the book related to it, ensuring that the book becomes interactive and directly linked to the film through its QR code.

These are the same topics to be addressed by the Advocacy Books Unit. The main headings of these topics are: introducing Islam and its main beliefs and principles; refuting the false allegations made by people hostile to Islam; highlighting Islam’s perfect compatibility with human nature; the Prophet’s biography and highlighting his noble conduct, showing the falsehood of the allegations that aim to detract from his conduct; explanation of the essential Islamic beliefs, its various acts of worship and their effect on man and how they elevate man, giving conclusive evidence from Islamic history; and the propagation of Islamic values and morality. Needless to say, these topics will bring out the fact that Islam is a great divine religion bestowed by God as a manifestation of His grace to all worlds.