“Whatever good you give is certainly known to God.” (2: 273)

Support of the Centre’s work may be through one of the following methods:

Donations through the al-Rajihi Bank in Saudi Arabia may be sent to the Centre’s General account number 296608010058587 and through other Saudi Banks by using the Centre’s account IBAN 7080000296608010058587SA.

Donations can also be made to the Cooperative Office for Islamic Advocacy and Community Awareness at al-Rabawah. Donors are requested to send a letter to the Centre indicating the amount donated and that it is for the Osoul International Centre.

: Go to al-Rajihi Bank Mubashar website. Select “Transfers”, then “Charities”, then select “the Cooperative Office for Community Awareness at al-Rabwah”. When the list of accounts appears select the type of activity for which the donation is to be made. Finally specify the duration of the standing order.