Posters, leaflets and handouts are highly effective means of transmitting information. When used in advocacy, they can be used to highlight the basic principles of Islam and its most important teachings and can address all types of audience, particularly at the present time when traditional, new and social media of all forms can reach every home. Moreover, there are numerous Islamic centres throughout the world and advocacy exhibitions and meetings are organized everywhere. These need posters, leaflets and handouts that present concise and well written and artistically designed information about Islam in different languages.

The Osoul Advocacy Poster Unit was established to provide a qualitative improvement of the content of posters, leaflets and handouts for the advocacy of Islam, taking into consideration what is suitable for different target groups and cultures. The Unit uses the most advanced technology available in design and presentation.

In preparing Poster material the Unit takes into consideration the needs of the target groups and language differences. We aim to address each group: Muslims, non-Muslims and new Muslims, with suitable and clearly understandable material that carries accurate information. We take into consideration cultural differences, levels of education and other factors and we employ the best and most suitable artistic designs.

  • Islamic centres, institutions, charities and exhibitions organized to introduce Islam.
  • All institutions that are interested in receiving, distributing and disseminating handouts and leaflets speaking about Islam.
  • Advocates of Islam, students pursuing Islamic studies and people working for the spread of the Islamic message.
  • Muslims and new converts who wish to have clear and easy to understand information about Islam and its teachings.
  • Non-Muslims and searchers for the truth who wish to know about Islam.

The products of this Unit may be classified as follows:

Seasonal products:

These include posters and leaflets focusing on the special occasions Muslims have during the year, such as the month of Ramadan, the two Eids, winter, Friday, etc., outlining the unique features of each occasion, the worship and recommended practices related to it, and the deviant practices that should not be considered.

Admonition products:

Posters and leaflets in this category highlight the most effective statements of admonition from the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the sayings of the Prophet’s companions, scholars and reformers. These are selected so that they suit all groups and answer the needs of every language.

Products related to the ten fundamentals

These derive from the themes of the ten fundamentals and use terms from the material discussing these fundamentals, as outlined in the document prepared by the Advocacy Books Unit. The ten themes are: God, Prophet Muhammad, Islam, the Qur’an, Women in Islam, Worship and Daily Transactions in Islam, Civilization and its Values in Islam, the Day of Judgement according to the Islamic faith, the Prophet’s Sunnah, and Islamic Morality and manners.

Products about advocacy videos:

Posters introducing videos produced by the Advocacy Video Unit, giving an outline of the video to enhance interest in watching it and giving a link to where the video can be found.

  • A project to design and produce 250 brochures and posters in different languages tackling the main areas of advocacy for use on the internet. (Details of the project are included in this study).
  • Another project aims at advocating Islam among tourists by distributing brochures and handouts in tourist resorts, as well as producing postcards introducing the main concepts of Islam.
  • A social media project on Twitter to introduce Islam.
  • An Islamic exhibitions project.
  • Preparation of advocacy material for posters, leaflets and handouts and making such material suitable for different target groups. The material is incorporated into an attractive design by a specialized team.
  • Supplying handouts, leaflets and posters to Islamic centres and institutions that organize exhibitions to help introduce Islam and give concise and accurate information about its beliefs and teachings.
  • Employing the most advanced technology and most innovative ways in the placement of posters at different sites, including social media platforms, websites and in public places.
  • Translation of posters and leaflets into different languages according to the target audience and different age groups.

The themes of the advocacy material used by this Unit are based on the documents prepared for Osoul Advocacy Books Unit and the specific terms that relate to the main concepts, principles and teachings of Islam. They outline these and clarify the Islamic concept of God and His messages, introduce Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and give information about the books God revealed and required people to implement, including the Qur’an. They also outline the rulings that God requires mankind to implement and inform people about Islam, its civilization, values, morality, manners, and about the worship offered at specific occasions.